Natasha Mills

Nutrition Mastered Coach

Registered Dietitian in Utah

About Me


My Weight Loss Philosophy

One of the key pieces to successful weight loss is beginning to truly believe that you have what it takes to lose the weight. But since so many of us have tried and failed for years, that belief isn’t very easy to rekindle. So let’s work together to ignite a new passion, fueled by new knowledge, techniques, and support.

After you have that foundation, you will be able to control yourself when you are around food, stay motivated in your weight loss journey, and alter any hormonal imbalances that are impeding you from losing weight. 

You will be able to find healthy food that you like, and you will be able to leave room in your diet for your favorite treats. 

You will lose weight, live in your dream body, and never struggle with weight again. That may sound like a dream, but it can really be your new reality if you invest in yourself.


Why I Started NutritionMastered

To be truly honest, my drive to create Nutrition Mastered stems from my desire to never struggle with weight again. I wanted to find a way to ensure that I could maintain a healthy weight my whole life. I was so determined that I went to college to learn about nutrition, and I made a career out of it. I became a dietitian. Becoming a dietitian taught me about what components make up food, how food reacts in your body, how food impacts certain disease states, and more. But that knowledge had little impact on my behaviors around food. I still struggled to not reach for comfort foods when I was feeling stressed. I still struggled to not shovel extra food in my mouth when no one was watching. So I continued on my journey to find a solution. After years, I’ve discovered additional techniques that help me think and act consistently around food to ensure that my body has the right balance of nutrition. Nutrition Mastered is my way of giving back to the world and helping others become the best versions of themselves inside and out. 


I love eating food! I especially love to enjoy cookies, ice cream, banana bread, and more. I like cooking, trying new recipes, creating my own recipes, and bringing joy to others through food. And that’s OK! Many people have misconceptions about what living a healthy lifestyle requires. Nutrition Mastered teaches that you are 100% OK to enjoy your favorite foods, as long as you are in control of the situation.


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